• A hello to the arms!

    2012 — 2015

    This project is an investigation of a hunter's portrait, a trial to understand his motivation, to doubt the stereotype of a manly breadwinner and to ruin the atmosphere of mystery of the hunt.

    The original photographs were made by hunters and were freely available on social networks. Initial purposes of creating and publishing these photos by hunters are demonstration of human power, hunter's honor, joy, points of unity with nature.

    Using romantic landscape, I try to return respect and real value for death and living beings that they have lost, after appearing in the media space.

    Do we have a right to artificially change the "balance" of nature? Is it possible at all?

  • "PRAFOTA" award group exhibition / 2016 / CECH, Minsk, Belarus
  • Solo exhibition at "Warsaw Open Days" photofestival / 2012 / Warsaw, Poland