A friend with two paws


No one knows how the red male dog named Lloyd lost two legs: one front and one rear. A week later someone noticed Lloyd on the city outskirts of Minsk (Belarus) and informed animal protectors. During the difficult four-hour surgery the remains of the broken legs and the tail were removed.

I followed fate of Lloyd for half a year after the accident and witnessed things happened to him:

long-term therapy, fund-collecting for food and medical treatment, moving from home to home, faced cruel reaction of society and courage of volunteers.

There are no government programs for taking care of ejected pets in Belarus, as well as population control programs. Volunteers are the only chance to rescue wounded pets from getting killed. Animals are being killed by municipal trappers literally on the city streets or, in better case - few days later in government sanitation stations.


  • Photography / Video / Direction
    Maksim Sarychau

  • Music
    Andrei Dabrakou

  • Design
    Aksana Zinchanka